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Anonymous asked: I feel like killing myself, who knew infinity symbols were hated this much...

don’t feel like killing yourself please this blog is a joke


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icouldbeahurricane asked: BEST. BLog. EVER.


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Anonymous asked: Your blog is dumb as fuck. Yes, the tattoo may be overdone, but so are a lot of tattoos. For instance, the anchor, feather, birds, heart, stars, and tribal tattoos. Tattoos, in general, mean something to the people that get them, and getting an infinity sign is just symbolic of something that they want to last forever, such as love, faith, or any other quality. Anyone that makes fun of people's tattoos is an idiot in my book. Open your mind a little and stop being an ignorant piece of shit.

woah there this blog is literally a complete joke there’s no need to get your panties in a twist

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tumblr listen i’ve seen you achieve some great things

the fluffy chicken was one of our greatest achievements yet

and now i have a request

my parents said if this post gets 700,000 notes then they will (attempt to) send me to america to finally meet my best friend!!!

i know 700,000 is a stretch like damn gurl but hey plane tickets cost a lot and they know you can get 500k for a chicken so


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I’m in love with my tattoo :) 

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Anonymous asked: what is so bad about getting an infinity tattoo?

it’s not necessarily bad, it’s just that it’s very stereotypical and like if you think you’re being original and cute by getting one you aren’t

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It’s my own that I got a pretty long time ago because of a book before I realized how very white girl of me it was. Now it’s just cracking me up, so here. 
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